Please find below some examples of Template letters and guides you might find helpful.

Flexible working request:

Thinking of applying for set days? 

Had a change in circumstances?

Childcare issues?

Wanting to go part time?

Please click here for a Template letter that should make the whole process a lot easier and convenient. 

Please inform your local rep as soon as is practical if you wish to apply for Flexible working for advice and help filling in the form if necessary.

Also once you have filled in the form please send it to your base manager (email is recommended by your reps committee) and request a rep of your choice to sit in on the meeting.

Disciplinary/Grievance advice sheets 

Grievance template letter:

Use the letter in the link on the left to take out a grievance about any issue.

The link will open out into WORD, please fill in the blanks and email this to your CPM, also make sure you CC your rep into this email.

Remember to speak to your local Rep about any issue first, a grievance may not be necessary or could even be solved informally with a simple chat. 

NB It is your responsibility to ensure that the wording within the letter is a true reflection of your circumstances. The suggested text in the link is designed purely as a guide - members should feel free to use their own words if they feel it is appropriate.