Please ensure you're strike ready and ensure your contact details on our system are correct, they need to be correct and up to date to make any future industrial action valid, also, if your hear or are aware of a member who is not getting newsletters or any communications for example then please let your reps know so we can chase them up.

You can easily update your details by either emailing your local rep or our secretary Jan. 

Contact details for Jan and all local reps can be found here:

A crucial part of the strike ready campaign is also to ensure yourselves the members are taking part in ballots and surveys and taking the time to fill them out and return them. With the way the union and collective bargaining works we as reps are completely powerless without the backing of our members. The more members we have, the more returned ballot papers we have and the higher the turnouts in ballots, the stronger our collective bargaining position is, for example if only 50% of our members return their ballot papers then it suggests to the company that only half of you care enough to take it further, it’s not just up to your union reps to get you a good pay deal, we only have one vote the same as every other member, it’s up to every member to vote and have your say.


unite the union @ easyjet

As part of our “strike ready” campaign we will be trying really hard to recruit more members into the union this year, the more members we have the stronger our collective bargaining strength and the more likely it will be that we walk away from any future pay deals with exactly what we want.

We ask you as members to be on the lookout for anyone not yet part of the union and either sign them up yourselves using member gets member or direct them towards a local rep. 

Click the link to learn how to join and sign up members yourself using member gets member. 

making ezyunite strike ready!