Join Unite the Union @easyjet

Being a unite member at easyJet enables you to: 

 · Immediate and free support from a workplace rep at every UK base who will be company recognised, trained, qualified, experienced and democratically elected by the cabin crew union members at base they serve.

 · Access to Unites free legal services. (After 3 months membership) such as help with personal injury claims, employment rights matters, wills, conveyancing and many other issues. Unlike other legal assistance you keep 100% of any compensation claims and legal assistance is completely free for members.

 · Access to Unites member benefits like reduced rates on mortgages and insurance.

· A substantial strike hardship fund in times of industrial action. (over £35 million)

 · A vote and say in any pay talks and surveys on changes to working conditions. The more members we have, the stronger our voice and mandate when it comes to pay deals and fighting for better working conditions. Only Unite the union members have a vote and a say in pay deals!

 · All Unite reps are cabin crew @ easyJet meaning we are experts on easyJet’s policies and uniquely qualified to represent you at base and national level. The national branch committee meets once a month and is made up of all the easyJet base reps, your local issues and any member enquiries, views and suggestions are discussed here and escalated to senior management level if necessary.

 · Access to dedicated Health & Safety and Equalities reps who are easyJet cabin crew who are uniquely positioned to bring up any Health % Safety or Equalities issues in the workplace, helping to drive change to make easyJet a safer and more welcoming place to work.  

 · Better job security, Unite members are more likely to stay in their jobs longer- 5 years on average compared to non-members. 

Unite the union

@ easyjet

Help us to grow and earn yourself love to shop vouchers!

What do I get for my membership?

Member gets member @ easyJet

Unite is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland with around 1.42 million members across 20 different private, public and voluntary sectors including civil air transport manufacturing, public services, food, finance and construction.

Unite the union is also the only cabin crew union recognised by easyjet in the UK meaning only Unite reps at easyjet are fully qualified to represent you in any meetings with management, answer any enquiries you may have and have sole recognition from easyJet to negotiate on behalf of yourselves on pay deals, and any other issues.

The easiest way to sign up is to contact your local base rep so that they can provide you with a new membership form. use the "contact us" section on this website for your local reps contact email. 

If you prefer to sign up online now please click the link below

Every time you introduce a new member, you make Unite @ easyJet stronger and to recognise your help, we will give you a cash reward of up to £25. 

Did you know you can receive a £25 love to shop voucher for each new member you sign up to unite the union? So, sign up 10 and you will receive up to £250 worth!

You don’t have to be a rep to sign up new or existing crew to unite the union all you have to be is a fully paid up member yourself.

Either sign them up using the online form or simply write your name and membership number along with "member gets member" on the front of their Unite the union membership form.

After the new entrant has been a union member for 3 months you qualify for your £25 love to shop voucher, speak to your rep or follow this link for further details and the online membership form.