Special discounts for Unite members

Unite has negotiated special discounts with Cooperative Funeralcare, the UK’s leading funeral director.

5% off professional service fees on funeral arrangements
£25 discount on all prepaid funeral plans

All you (or your family), need to do to obtain these discounts, is to produce your Unite membership card at your local Cooperative Funeralcare branch. 

You can find your nearest branch by logging onto: 


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​Member gets member. 

Unite members can get big savings on glasses and eye tests from Vision Express. You can download vouchers to obtain:

*Free Eye Tests
*£30 off complete glasses
*£70 on contact lenses (when you join the direct debit scheme Contact 7)
Designer 2 for 1 glasses 

Vision Express is working with Unite to provide you, their member, with the best in customer service, the best choice and great value for money.

To access your eye care vouchers simply fill in your details in the form online accessible via the link in the logo to the left. You can then select which voucher you want, and we'll email them to you.

Equity Release

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Unite the union members enjoy a 50% discount on Unite Assist breakdown cover provided by our partner RAC

See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/memberoffers/memberbenefits/#sthash.hxp0b6B4.dpuf

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Help finding a Conveyancing Solicitor

Unite accidental death cover

Unite Funeralcare

Unite mortgages

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Our value for money home insurance includes:

*0% APR on monthly payments
*10% discount on combined buildings and contents insurance policies
*Contents in the Garden up to £500 as standard
*Accidental Damage to laptops in the home, covered as standard
*We’ll find the source of any leak with our trace and access cover

Unite @ easyjet strives to ensure it serves its members as completely and successfully as possible at all times, across a variety of situations.

Unite offers a wide range of services to members, from representation in the workplace and free legal advice, to union benefits like reduced rates on mortgages and insurance.

Unite prepaid plus cashback card

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unite female cancer cover

Advertise your home for free

RAC breakdown cover discount

Click above to download the Lottery play form- See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/memberoffers/memberbenefits/unitelottery/#sthash.Z1JJYPix.dpuf

Equity Release allows you to release money tied up in your property.

Providing that you and/or your partner are over the age of 55 and you are a homeowner then Equity Release allows you to release money tied up in your property.  

This may be for a variety of reasons such as:

Buying a second home
Repaying an existing mortgage or debts
Gifts to family and friends
Home care
Daily living expenses
Car purchase
Home Repair and Improvement

There are two types of Equity Release:

Lifetime Mortgage - with this plan the money you release is not repaid until you leave the property or die and there are no repayments to make during your lifetime.
Home Reversion - with this plan you sell all or part of the interest in your home in return for money and a lease which allows you to stay in your property for life rent free. 

Equity Release is not new, but it is now regulated by the Financial Services Authority. You also have the assurance that our selected financial services partners will be fully authorised and qualified to give expert advice.

Monthly top prize of £5,000! Plenty more cash prizes to win

It couldn't be simpler. You can buy up to a maximum of 20 numbers per month that will cost you £1 each.  [lottery]

The Lottery is open to all members and their immediate family, aged 16 years or over, living at the same address. Unfortunately legislation on lotteries does not allow members who reside in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man to participate. Employees and their relations (even if Union members) are not eligible to join the Lottery. 

The Lottery's proceeds are used to support the Unite the Union Benevolent Fund. So win cash and help other Union members. 

Free Will writing service 

Put simply, the Health Cash Plan is an easy, low-cost way to look after your essential medical requirements, including up to 100% of your money back on dental and optical cover (up to a maximum of £150 benefit each per year). The plan also covers therapy treatments and you'll get money back towards prescription charges and specialist consultation fees. 

With cover starting from £15 a month, just a couple of treatments a year is often all it takes to see the plan pay its way. 

Plus, claiming your cashback on the plan couldn't be simpler - you pay the bill upfront, then send your receipt and claim form to Compass Underwriting Limited - they aim to pay your claim within 5 working days of approval.

Unlike health insurance:
• There are no medical questions;
• Pre-existing conditions are covered (following the qualifying periods that apply to each benefit);
• Cover for accidents is instant.

It isn't private medical insurance, but what it will do, is give you cash to cover more routine services, such as a visit to the optician, a dental filling or physio for a sore shoulder. It even includes cover for hospital car parking costs and will pay out £200 for a new baby, £900 if it's twins (a 300 day qualifying period applies).

Rather than relying on savings or a credit card, the health cash plan enables you to claim back some or all of the expense....because those expenses do add up!

And it's not only financial benefits offered by your plan. There's access to a 24-hour helpline and counselling service for added peace of mind.

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Unite house insurance

​Unite member Benefits

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Coping with a cancer diagnosis is challenging enough without having to worry about finances. Our Female Cancer Cover is designed to be a financial safety net to make things easier while you’re having treatment.

£25,000 cash benefit on first diagnosis of a covered female cancer or carcinoma in situ of the breast (an early stage cancer which hasn’t spread).
£2,500 cash benefit on first diagnosis of carcinoma in situ in any covered female organs other than the breast.
£50 inpatient benefit for all overnight hospital stays, up to £4,500.
£25 outpatient benefit for all hospital visits, up to £1,000.
For UK residents aged 18-69.
No medical or health questions.
This policy is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited.

Previously diagnosed cancers are not covered.

Click the banner above for more information and to register for 12 months free accidental death cover worth £5,000!

The Unite lottery!

Application for union benefit form

As a member of unite the union you may be entitled to certain union benefits if your on maternity/adoption or parental leave and certain types of long term illness.

please use the template letter on the left to apply for these benefits and send the form off to your local district office- address is available from www.unitetheunion.org

As a member of Unite you can take advantage of the free Will Writing service provided by our legal partners.

A legally drawn up will is a written statement of your wishes that enables you to make important decisions that affect your family and friends after your death.

For example:

Who inherits your estate (i.e. everything you own)- who are your beneficiaries ?
Who will act as guardians of your children ?
Who carries out your wishes ? - your executors (and your executors may also act as your trustees if your will creates a trust).
Why would you create a trust ?
Which charities, if any, are to benefit from your Estate ?

All of these issues can be incorporated in a will. A properly drafted will can spare your family and friends a lot of unnecessary work and upset at a time when they are least able to cope. It also reduces the possibility of making your will invalid or contestable. You can alter your Will or cancel it at any time..


A solicitor's knowledge and experience of the Probate Registry's procedures will save family and friends having to undertake complicated legal work at a distressing time. Obtaining the Grant of Probate and ensuring that the assets of the estate have been collected and liabilities discharged, can involve time consuming work dealing with a number of organisations. 

UniteHome have negotiated preferential rates for Unite members with our legal partners. 

Click above for more information on Unites prepaid plus cashback card and to apply today!

UniteHome provide a conveyancing service for members designed to take the stress out of buying and selling your home.

The legal work is provided by specialist conveyancing solicitors who share our values and are happy to provide members of Unite with an extra special service. 

Unite members receive a discount on standard legal fees and the UniteHome team will be on hand to ensure your move goes smoothly.


You will be provided with a written estimate of the costs involved and will be kept informed of anything which might affect this. The UniteHome team will monitor the progress of your case and keep you regularly updated.


An estate agent will always ask for your Solicitor’s details when you make an offer on a home or are selling a property,  if you don’t have one they will usually recommend one to you. At this point contact UniteHome and we can refer you to one of our solicitors, where you will receive preferential member rates.

Please see the banners below for more information regarding some of these these benefits that are exclusive to you as a Unite the union member.

Use as a budgeting tool

You can only spend what you load so it’s easier to manage your money.

Cashback on everyday spend

You can receive up to 13% cashback on your everyday shopping when you spend at any of our retail partners.

Top up anytime

You can top up your card at anytime via your online account.

Why not set up a regular payment so you’re always ready to spend with your card and earn even more cashback.

Easy access

Your online account is available 24/7 on both desktop and mobile browsers.


Your card is free.
You will be charged a £2.95 monthly fee.

Earn cashback straight away. When you register you will be asked to top up a minimum of £10. You can spend this as soon as you receive and activate your Unite Prepaid Plus Cashback Card.

The more you top up the more you can earn.

Unite car insurance comparison service 

Click above for more information on how to apply for Unites female cancer cover.

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Arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney

Get started today, please click the above picture for a link to Unites free Will writing service!

*£150,000 cash benefit for accidental death, helping your loved ones to cope
*£75 for every 24 hours you stay in hospital due to an accident, helping to tide you over a difficult period
*Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents aged 18-69
*Covers you 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world
*Choose cover for just you or you and your partner
*Cover from just over £3 per week
This policy is underwritten by Advent Insurance PCC Ltd – UIB Cell

Free financial advice appointment from Unite

Members who need advice about a mortgage or re-mortgage can contact Unite Mortgage Services. Unlike many brokers, Unite Mortgage Services is a whole of market adviser which means they are not restricted to a panel of lenders so you will get the best possible deal. 

A nationwide team of mortgage consultants is available to help you with your mortgage application and they can meet you at home to go through the paperwork. 

0800 090 3392 

hello@unitehome.co.uk - See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/memberoffers/memberbenefits/unitemortgages/#sthash.MaS3SPmZ.dpuf or just click the picture on the left.

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Advertise your home free of charge on HomeMove - our new property website.

Traditional high street agents charge sellers a percentage of the sale price of their property,  so the more your home is worth, the higher your fee. As property prices have increased, so inevitably, have the costs.

The internet is changing all this and now you can advertise your property free of charge on our new online service.

Unite members are able to upload property details free of charge and the UniteHome team can help you with advice on how to get a valuation for your property, take photographs and prepare your property description.

A Lasting Power of Attorney lets you appoint one or more people to make decisions on your behalf if you become ill.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document made by an individual to appoint someone to look after their affairs. The main benefit of the LPA is that it continues to be effective when the individual loses mental capacity.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney - one which deals with your property and financial affairs and one which deals with health and welfare issues. The cost of setting up one is small compared to the costs that are incurred if the Court of Protection is involved.

Without an LPA if you lose the mental capacity to deal with your affairs the Court of Protection have the right to deal with your affairs. Your relatives can apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed deputies but the application can cost several thousand pounds, is not a guaranteed success and if successful involves returning to the Court of Protection each year to account for the conduct of your affairs. With an LPA you appoint a person(s) of your choice to deal with your affairs and there is no involvement of the Court of Protection.

Anyone who wishes to ensure their affairs are dealt with by family members should have an LPA.

The LPA only becomes active if you are living and no longer able to carry out your own affairs. You can complete an LPA now but the document only becomes active when registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. You do not need capacity to register it at the Office of the Public Guardian only capacity when the document is completed. You can hold onto the document only to be used in the event that you are no longer able to carry out your own affairs.

​Unite accident protection plan

Financial peace of mind – make it happen!

Time to sort out your money but unsure where to start? Or perhap [money advice] s you never have time. Yet the sooner you take action, the more likely you are to secure your and your family’s financial future. 

Yes, financial issues can be daunting. For example, do you know: 

how you and your family would pay your bills if you fell ill, were made redundant, or worse?
if your pension will give you enough income when you retire?
whether you could boost your pension provision so as to get more income when you retire?
your options for taking your pension and securing the income you need?
how you could build up a nest-egg tax-efficiently for yourself, your children or grandchildren?
how you would find the money to pay for long-term care?
whether you could pass on more of your wealth to your loved ones?

Lighthouse Financial Advice can advise you on these and other issues. The advice is specific to you and could improve your financial situation. 

Complimentary initial consultation 
Members of Unite are entitled to a complimentary, no obligation consultation with a Lighthouse Financial Advice professional financial adviser. 

They can meet you at home, at work, or elsewhere. They will explain how you could benefit from advice and how much it will cost. You can then decide whether to go ahead. There are over 200 advisers all over the UK, so there’s bound to be one near you. 

Call 08000 85 85 90, email appointments@lighthousefa.co.uk and book your appointment now. 

In Association with the travel insurance facilities group

We have put together a comprehensive set of Travel Insurance products for Unite Members.

We offer a range of travel insurance policies and cover levels, to suit your budget and trip, including Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip along with upgrade options to cover travellers with Pre existing Medical Conditions, Sports and Activities including Winter Sports, Golf and Wedding cover.

With a choice of 3 levels of cover you can choose the policy which is perfect for you.

To ensure we offer the highest standard of customer service, every step of your policy is handled by one of our specialist in house teams, including Customer Service, Medical Screening and Claims handling.

Reasons to insure your car with us:

*Competitive cover from a large panel of selected insurers
*Quick, easy insurance process
*Choose from three levels of cover -  third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive
*Get instant insurance on the day of purchase
*24 hour claims helpline, operated by experienced advisors 
*Full policy wording including key facts, schedule and car certificate

Please click either banner for a link to our comparison website.

Vision express vouchers!

Unite travel insurance

Unite health cash plan

Introduce a new member to Unite and get a shopping card worth up to £25

Here's how Unite member get member works
Every time you introduce a new member, you make Unite stronger and to recognise your help, we will give you a Love2shop card worth up to £25. 

The offer is available when the person you are recruiting joins online and enters your surname and Unite membership number when asked. The special application form can be found by clicking the banner on the left and following the link.

The value of the shopping card will depend upon the scale the member is paying and will be sent to you when the appropriate number of subscriptions has been paid:

Membership category                 Number of subscriptions                                      Card value 
Full time                                                                            3 months                                                                                £25
Part time                                                                           3 months                                                                          £12.50
Apprentices/ Community/ Back to Work     6 months                                                                                £10

- See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/memberoffers/memberbenefits/membergetmember/#sthash.pNI3duRm.dpuf