Your base reps details are below, as  base reps they can answer any questions you have and attend any formal meetings to represent you, these include but not limited to disciplinary meetings, grievances, flexible working meetings and appeals.

Mikey has worked for EasyJet for just under 10 years and he has enjoyed being a base rep for about a year.
As a base rep he can answer any questions you have and attend formal meetings to represent you, these include but not limited to disciplinary meetings, grievances, flexible working meetings and appeals. 
As a base rep he liaises every month with Liverpool base management to raise any issues at base. 
Once a month he also meets up in Luton with all the other base reps including senior reps and the unite officer to discuss events at base, raise any issues, put ideas forward and speak on behalf of the Liverpool base.
Mikey wanted to become a union rep as he is very passionate to ensure his members voices and concerns are heard, they are never treated badly by management and get the very most out of their union membership, he is also looking forward to seeing and being involved with pay talks/negotiations. 

Louise has worked for easyJet for 10 years, and has been a rep for 6. She is a senior rep, and the Branch Secretary.  As a senior rep she meets every month with Senior management from the company to raise any issues that are common throughout all bases. She attends meetings at Unite the Union within the Civil Air Transport sector, raising collective issues at a local and national level.  

She will also be involved in the upcoming pay negotiations.

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Some of the issues your reps at Liverpool are dealing with currently

Louise and Mikey are working alongside base management to help deal with some of the issues that effect us all at a local level, these include but are not limited to: 

Disruptive passengers:

Please report on safteynet each time you have a disruptive passenger incident, include as much detail as you possibly can. Remember if its not reported, there is no evidence it ever happened. You can use witness forms or take pictures with your mobile if you feel it necessary. The more evidence we can gather, the more we as reps can do to help in this area.


We are constantly told you as crew are not receiving the correct amount of breaks or finding it increasingly difficult to achieve a break on certain routes and pairings (BFSx2, 6 sector days ETC)  again we urgently need you to report via safetynet each and every time you are not getting enough rest or breaks while on duty, we appreciate nobody really wants to do this after such demanding duties, however if you ever want to see change in this area we really need you to report it, we as reps cant do this on our own, we really need your help and support here in gathering evidence. 

New service trial:

We at Liverpool (and Manchester) will shortly be taking part in the new service trial ie: preordering of sandwiches.

Once again we need your help in reporting all your issues, concerns and suggestions on your CFRs regarding the service trial, if something isnt working please state why on your CFRs, otherwise easyjet will just assume everything is perfect and will roll this out nationwide, we at Liverpool have the opportunity to get our voices heard on this, please dont let your voice be silent.