The rest/breaks issue has now been on our agenda since August 2013, rather than see any improvement in this area we are continuously hearing reports from some of you that the situation is in fact getting much worse. 

Since this issue has been on our agenda since 2013 and with no sign of this being sorted out any time soon we have decided to provide you with a few tips to help you ensure you are getting a break whilst at work.

Remember to speak to your local Rep about any issue first, a grievance may not be necessary or could even be solved informally with a simple chat with management.



Please click the following link to read our EASA guide.

Help & guides from Unite for cabin crew at easyjet

Help & guides 

Thinking of applying for set days? 
Had a change in circumstances?
Childcare issues?
Wanting to go part time?
Please click here for a Template letter that should make the whole process a lot easier and convenient. 

flexible working template letter

Disciplinary guide



Unite the union

@ easyjet



Please click on the following link to read Unites disciplinary guide. 

Remember to speak to your local Unite rep ASAP if you are facing disciplinary action.