Health & safety rep Clint Shortman

The importance of reporting :

Health & Safety

Aerotoxic syndrome/fume events

​​It is more important than ever for crew to report any incidents - from disruptive passengers, fume events, on-board accidents and even catering issues.

Completing CSR's and fatigue reports is an essential part of your responsibilities as crew under the new EASA rules, and is the main way in which we can get easyJet to change their ways and improve our terms and conditions.

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All suspected fume events should be reported to your airline and the Civil Aviation Authority. Please ensure you complete a CSR if you believe you have been subject to a fume event. 

Unite is concerned that historically fume events have been under-reported. In order to record and monitor its own data Unite has set up a Fume Event Register for members working on cabin crew or related duties. This register is a valuable resource for Unite members - See your rep for more details or go to the Unite Cabin Air homepage

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