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GDMT subs contributions!

Please contact me as soon as possible if your on GDMT pay so I can arrange for your subs to be reduced to the lower rate.

Its not always possible to claim back afterwards!

Please look at the following chart to ensure your on the correct rate:


I have been with easyJet now for just over 4 years, though having worked at a previous airline I have over 8 years experience and knowledge giving me a great insight into what crew need and want. I have been a member of Unite since the beginning of my easyJet career, and on a personal level have worked closely with them on some personal cases. Witnessing first hand the strength and support from our Unite reps is what motivated me to join the team and be a support unit for our Glasgow base.  I'm very passionate and dedicated to supporting and helping crew with any queries or issues, you and your privacy are my number one priority.
Please feel free to contact me at any time, I look forward to working closely with all members.

Some of the issues at Glasgow Carly is dealing with currently:

Carly will be working alongside base management to help deal with some of the issues that effect us all at a local level here in Glasgow, these include but are not limited to: 

​Disruptive passengers: 

Please report on safteynet each time you have a disruptive passenger incident, include as much detail as you possibly can. Remember if its not reported, there is no evidence it ever happened. You can use witness forms or take pictures with your mobile if you feel it necessary. The more evidence we can gather, the more we as reps can do to help in this area.


We are constantly told you as crew are not receiving the correct amount of breaks or finding it increasingly difficult to achieve a break on certain routes and pairings,  again we urgently need you to report via safetynet each and every time you are not getting enough rest or breaks while on duty, we appreciate nobody really wants to do this after such demanding duties, however if you ever want to see change in this area we really need you to report it, we as reps cant do this on our own, we really need your help and support here in gathering evidence.