Please speak to Selena or any other rep if you would like any of the following equalities or LGBT merchandise.

A key objective of the union is: 
'To promote equality and fairness for all, including actively opposing prejudice and discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnic origin, religion, class, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, caring responsibilities; and to pursue equal pay for work of equal value.

Unite is firmly committed to equality for all, and the members of our union are a strong representation of the diversity within our communities. Equal and fair treatment both at work and in society is a key priority for our union, and we make it clear that we all have a duty to challenge discrimination, harassment and bullying whenever possible. 

Unite acts on behalf of its members and bargains with employers to achieve greater equality within the workplace. If you are suffering from discrimination, harassment or bullying at work you should contact Selena your equalities rep . All enquiries are treated as confidential.  
By joining Unite today, you too can be part of these campaigns and benefit from the support of Britain and Ireland’s biggest union. 

If you have a specific equalities issue or question you would like to talk to Selena about, please contact her directly using this form.

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