About Selena

I have been with easyjet for over 9 years. I understand what the crew want and need.
I have been through good and bad times with the company and always looking for a change for the good for the crew.
I am here to support all crew and more importantly the members.
I am available anytime regardless of my days off or the shifts I am working.
I am a strong rep who will support and Fight for you In any circumstance you find yourself in. I will Support you through grievances, disciplinary meetings and here to give advice on all aspects of the job. I am always honest with my members and my number one priority is you and your privacy.
I have been a rep for over 2 years and will continue doing great work for the Edinburgh base.

Hi , i'm on leave from the 1st of September to 5 th of October, please contact any other rep if you need assistance.  

Thanks, Selena xx

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As a base rep Selena can answer any questions you have and attend any formal meetings to represent you, these include but not limited to disciplinary meetings, grievances, flexible working meetings and appeals.