Holiday pay settlement

Disruption payment victory

Our aim is to strengthen our trade union membership within easyjet, by ensuring our workplace is a fair place to work. As a union we negotiate on behalf of our members on many different things, and the following are some of the things we have been successful at getting for union members. 

Rest/Breaks campaign

Pay deal 2017

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Landmark breastfeeding legal victory

easyJet breastfeeding ruling is human rights victory for working women, says Unite

29 September 2016

A landmark victory for two easyJet cabin crew will have wide implications for working women wishing to continue breastfeeding after their maternity leave ends, Unite, the country’s largest union, has said.- See more at: 

Your reps committee secured WDOs meaning you get  wrap days next to 3+ leave days meaning you get 7 days leave for the price of 3!

This page is still under construction, lots more campaigns & Victories still to be put on this page, please check again at a later date..........

Did you know your reps committee has secured an above inflation pay award at each pay talks? 

The rest/breaks campaign has now been on our agenda since August 2013, rather than see any improvement in this area we are continuously hearing reports from some of you that the situation is in fact getting much worse.

We are concerned that you will continue to find it difficult to achieve a break going forward, especially during busy summer schedules.

We will continue to put pressure on Easyjet to find a solution to this problem, more details coming shortly......

Here is last years Rest/Break survey, please read the results, and how your union intends to take things forward here:

Following the completion of the pay negotiations last year, our final task was to agree the terms of the new disruption payment. Over the last few months meetings have been held to negotiate and agree those terms.
Attached are the terms of agreement and specified guidelines.


The survey on crew morale has now closed. Please read the results, and how your union intends to take things forward here

Your reps committee secured guaranteed days off (GDOs) for all FRV crew !

More flexibility on days off (GDOs)

More holiday (WDOs)

Your reps committee won a holiday pay settlement with over 100% pay rise!

Crew morale campaign

We are aware that crew are  feeling frustration in regard to bringing our own food through security. Unite are concerned with the inconsistency across airports and across airside entry points.

A meeting is being arranged between Unite and DfT to discuss this issue, and the union Chair Andrena will also be attending this meeting.

Bringing own food through security