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Clinton Shortman:

Clinton has worked for EasyJet for over 10 years so has a lot of knowledge

and understanding of the company.

He has been a base rep for over 2 years, and currently holds one of the 3 senior reps positions in the UK and is our Health & Safety rep.

As a base rep he can answer any questions you have and attend formal meetings to represent you, these include but not limited to disciplinary meetings, grievances, flexible working meetings and appeals.

As a senior rep he meets every month with Senior management from the company to raise any issues that are common throughout all bases. Also as a senior rep he will be involved in negotiations including the pay talks.

Vicki Bane:

​I have worked for easyJet for 10 years and I wanted to be a Unite rep, because I believe I have the passion and enthusiasm needed to do a good job. I am easy going, friendly, approachable and feel Unite members will be happy to talk to me about any concerns/problems they may be experiencing. 

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The main issues Clint and Vicki are working on at Bristol are:

Disruptive passengers- 

Your reps realise that at BRS we have many flights with disruptive passengers. We are working closely with base management to reduce this. 
Currently base managers are now being rostered onto Thursday night ALC to assist us with these PAX. Police officers will also be in the crew room once a week to get feedback from  us and to give regarding this matter.