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There are many benefits to becoming a member such as -  

  • free will service
  • representation at meetings
  • discounts on insurance
  • mortgage, financial and legal advice

To become a member of Unite the Union @ easyJet,  you need to complete an Application Form which you can get from your base rep, or fill in the online form.

Our union is made up of Unite members who work at easyJet as Cabin Crew. Your reps committee is made up of crew members from each base, who have been elected to the committee by the other members in their base.

The committee is an active and progressive group, who are focused and fully involved in every aspect of cabin crew working life, including negotiating on hours, pay and holiday pay, but also campaign to see improvements in all aspects of our working conditions.
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Its not just disciplinaries and grievances that your reps can help you with. There are a number of issues that your reps campaign on, and you can find out more details here

Unite working for Cabin Crew at easyJet

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